Don't let what's going on in the outside world control you

I have an obsession with skin, beauty and wellness.

After a separation, 2 beautiful children and turning 40 I knew it was time to do what my heart desired, what my true calling was and what made me feel fulfilled. You are never to old to learn, educate yourself and find a new career that you look forward to doing every day. If you are passionate about what your do, your clients will keep coming back, its about what you can offer , NOT what you can gain.

“I believe courage comes before confidence.”

My Upbringing

I was brought up on the Mornington Peninsula in a loving home and feel my up bringing was very blessed. Religion was a massive part of our lives being driven by a very religious mother, but a very nonreligious father, so often I felt torn and confused about what was right and wrong. All I knew that the extreme way of life that came along with a mother who was a born again Christian did not reflect my true essence.

It was not my way to preach or convince others to have the same belief but let everyone follow their own journey. But what I knew for sure that from the age of 7 years old I had faith, a belief in a high source that can and did guide and protect me from danger. I believed this and often silently prayed for protection and blessings my entire life. As a child and growing up I didn’t know how to express my spirituality, but deep down I knew religion wasn’t for me. Spirituality was where my calling was and continues to be so today.

It is probably only since my life hit rock bottom and was turned up side down through a marriage separation that now I own it and to be matter of fact love the idea that I possess this amazing power.

Yasmin Chandler Mount Martha

“I believe if you truly know there is a higher source, it can guide and bless you immensely.”

My Beliefs

I incorporate my belief with mediation, stillness, yoga and a gratitude journal on a daily basis. Through this deep connection I can find the answers I need and follow the path to help me become a better person each and every day. There are so many magical opportunities in life and if we connect on a energetic level, I truly believe you can attract anything you desire.

You must be committed and whole heartily believe in the outcome. We all have intuition, we are all give signs, it is up to us if we choose to listen. It doesn’t matter what your belief is, but you must have faith…

I have a passion and a burning desire inside of me to create the most for filled life possible. This is available to all of us, it is your choice.

“I believe through faith, belief, conscious awareness and love anything is possible, what we focus on, we will manifest into our lives.”

Our bodies are a temple that need devotion

I am an extremely passionate person, and I have a few missions associated with Mojo Makeovers. SKIN IS MY PASSION and MY MISSION is for women to look in the mirror and fall back in LOVE with their SKIN. I have sourced what I believe to be the best possible treatments and products to achieve these results.

My other passion is WOMEN and MY MISSION is to support women to build a firm foundation with bricks others have thrown at them. WOMEN are incredible, but through the challenges of life we can loose our way. My mission is to help women get their power back and invest in themselves.

“I believe with a positive frame of mind, you can turn sadness into happiness, resentment into forgiveness, and pain into pleasure.”

A straight shooter

This does not mean I am a man hater at all. MEN are also incredible, I have worked in two male dominated industries which has developed me into the person I am today and love.

I have the ability to think like a man, maybe part of this was my Dad’s influence that he told me that I could do anything a man can do, never once did I ever believe as a girl/women I could not do a mans job.

Lets face facts, most women love drama, judge each other and can not help competing with each other, until we get to the point where we realize this is shallow and unfulfilling.

My MISSION is to get your power back without using the blame game and be a power house on your own 2 feet.

Life throws you obstacles, some of these happen for a reason, to teach us a lesson. True self love is to know the fact that it is OK not to be perfect, you don’t have to be accepted by everyone, not every one wants the best for you. Your acceptance for yourself is what makes you whole, not the acceptance from others.

“Every master was once a disaster and it’s not working means, your NOT willing.”

Everything happens for a reason

I know Mojo Makeovers has been brought to life for a reason, this is part of my journey, this is what I was born to do. I have a burning desire to give back, through my own lessons and vulnerability, I know I have a gift, to make a positive change in others women’s life that choose to walk in my door.

This is the reason why I took myself back to full time study and completed in depth research to find the best skin rejuvenation concepts and products available on the market. This is not something I take lightly, I am always researching new and improved technologies and to get the best results for each and every client. I am not prepared to run Mojo Makeovers if I don’t see amazing results for each individual client.

Why Mojo Makeovers?

This is why I had an overwhelming vision to create the wellness rooms, a stunning space I built from home where women can come to indulge and give back to themselves. Whether it be a personalized deluxe facial, a makeover, finding the right skin care routine, anti ageing treatments, joining our meditation group or utilizing essential oils.

I designed a tranquil, peaceful, discrete environment for you to completely let go, be one with yourselves and escape from the outside world. My passion is to make your time at Mojo Makeovers a moment off focusing just on YOU….